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The average mouth is created to only hold 28 teeth. It can be extremely painful when 32 teeth try to fit in a mouth that was meant to hold 28. These four other teeth are called your third molars, also referred to as “wisdom teeth.”

Wisdom Teeth

I had three wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Pasqual.  The whole experience has been very pleasant.  I feel as though I was informed about what would be done and treated exceptionally well throughout the entire process.  I would recommend Dr. Pasqual to anyone in a heartbeat!


Germar, Delray Beach

Dr. Pasqual and his staff were amazing! They were all extremely friendly and made the entire experience of getting my wisdom teeth out as pleasant as possible.  I highly recommend them to anyone who needs oral surgery!


Mary, Boca Raton

I found Dr. Pasqual’s office online.  I could not be happier!  I had four wisdom teeth removed and the process was painless and the recovery quick. The office is professional and very friendly.  Great service and reasonable prices.  I have recommended everyone that asks for dental services to Dr. Pasqual.


Alfredo, Boca Raton

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Why Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Your wisdom teeth are the final teeth to surface from within the mouth. If they line up properly and the gum tissue is completely healthy, removal may not be necessary. Unfortunately, this generally does not happen. The removal of your wisdom teeth is necessary when they are misaligned and are prevented from properly erupting within the mouth. Wisdom teeth can grow sideways, remain beneath the gum and/or bone, and only partially surface from the gums. Impacted teeth may take many positions in the jaw as wisdom teeth attempt to erupt through the gingiva and soft tissue.


The malpositioned impacted wisdom teeth can cause many different problems. If they become only partially erupted, the cavity around the teeth in the gums allows bacteria to grow and may eventually lead to an infection. This will result in: swelling, stiffness, pain, and illness. The outwards pressure from the surfacing wisdom teeth can move other teeth and cause problems of the orthodontic or natural alignment of all the teeth. The most serious of these problems occurs when cysts or tumors form around the impacted wisdom teeth, resulting in the eventual destruction of the jawbone and healthy teeth and gums. Removing the impacted wisdom teeth usually will resolve these issues. Early removal is recommended to avoid these and other future problems. It will also lower the surgical risk involved with removal of the wisdom teeth.


Oral Examination

An examination and x-rays of the mouth can allow Dr. Pasqual to evaluate the current position of the wisdom teeth and foresee if there are any present or future issues that could be caused. Previous studies have shown that the earlier the evaluation and treatment, the higher quality the outcome for the patient can be. Patients should be examined in their mid-teenage years by their orthodontist, dentist, or by a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.


All outpatient surgeries are performed under appropriate anesthesia to optimize comfort for the patient. Dr. Pasqual has the training, license and experience to provide different types of anesthesia for patients to choose from.  



Wisdom teeth are most commonly removed under IV sedation. The various anesthesia options and the surgical risk involved (ie., sensory nerve damage, sinus complications), will be discussed with you prior to the surgery. After the wisdom teeth are removed, the gingiva may be sutured. Upon discharge from the office you will be given postoperative instructions and a follow-up appointment the following week. If you or your family has any questions, feel free to call our offices at 561-900-9080.


We offer with our services an environment of the highest safety that uses the newest monitoring equipment and a staff with the necessary training and experience in anesthesia techniques.